For over thirty years Ben Kerns has been an explorer of light and human emotion.  Beauty in all it’s forms has lead Ben to create sensitive Fashion & Lifestyle photography for Clients throughout the world. As a filmmaker he has explored the depths of human emotion in all it’s forms. As a Fine Artists, he is consistently drawn to subjects that touch upon human emotion and the edge between beauty and decay.  Above all, Ben seeks to affirm a deep commitment to the celebration of life.

On the set, he is fun, focused and highly productive.  The depth of his experience and the clarity of his vision help him create powerful visual solutions for all the conceptual and technical challenges the his clients bring to the table.


Partial Client List

Appleseed, Bank of American, Bob Stores, The Bon Marche, Bum Equipment, Casual Corner, Casual Male Corp.,  Chadwick's of Boston, Code Bleu Sportswear, Eddie Bauer, Farrar Men’s  Wear, Generra, Greyline tours, HarleyDavidson, HellyHansen, Integrix, Intel,  JC Penney, Levi, L.L. Bean, MCI, Microsoft, Motherwear, Nordstrom, Pacific Trails, Pepsi, Palco, Plum Creek Lumber, Scandia Down,  Space Labs Medical, Service Group of America, Shah Safari, Tall Couture, TJX Corp, Unionbay Sportswear, Vermont Country Store, Washington Lottery, Wearguard, Witman College, Weyerhaeuser.


“ben has mastered the use of natural light and making the best out of marginal situations. ...he ability to make everyone comfortable in demanding situations allows him to capture a non-composed feeling.”

                                  mark terao - pure image


“one of ben’s strengths is that he gets “IT” very quickly  (whatever “IT” happens to be at the moment.)

                       rick eiber - RED - rick eiber design

“he makes every individual he works with comfortable  and trusting of his ability.”

                                         john fortune - microsoft

“ben can take a client’s objective and come up with fresh ideas; (for example) he came up with a whole campaign from a to z and I didn’t have to second guess him or worry about the project. Basically, he’s creative, he’s pleasant, he sticks to timetables and he stays on budget.”

                              tom herman - cava sportswear

“the bottom line is he’s easy to work with and he gets results.”

                                             matt noyes - l.l. Bean